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How to pay LESS tax legally

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This NEW Video Program with LIFETIME ACCESS covers the A to Z of property investing. We have everything from the latest LEGAL tax minimisation strategies, how to rapidly expand your property portfolio with the least amount of risk, how to find undervalued properties even in today’s market, where the next boom suburbs are and how to spot them plus much much more!


How to identify the boom suburbs BEFORE they boom

Discover the exact websites I use to find undervalued properties and boom suburbs. Most of these sites not many people know about or even use! I’ll show you how to find the deceased estates, mortgagee in possession properties how to score some properties at a great discount including a case study from one of my students or purchased their property which was previously sold for $1.16 million for only $416k YEP at a $600k discount. I’ll show you exactly what she did


How to make big profits on small developments

You’ll discover how to get started making big profits on small developments including spliters, sub-divisions, DA approvals and much more. This may even be the starting point of your developing empire who knows?


How to pay less tax legally

No one likes paying tax however it’s a necessary evil. However most folks pay MORE than their fair share because of bad tax structures, not having a good property accountant or just basically don’t know what they can claim. A property accountant is VERY different to a NORMAL accountant. Normal accountants can process your property return however they do not have the experience of someone who specialises in property investors tax returns. You wouldn’t have a general GP conduct surgery on your heart or remove brain cancer would you? You would go to a specialist. Same thing goes here…


How to sell of rent your property faster

This is one of my favourite programs that reveals how to sell your property faster than real estate agents and actually get a HIGHER price than they could ever get. I’ve always opted to sell my own houses and ALWAYS out-pull real estate agents and achieve a higher return. I’ll also reveal how to rent yourr house or unit for more money and faster than a real estate agent.


How to expand your portfolio RAPIDLY

You’ll discover how to grow your portfolio rapidly in the next few years. Some of our colleagues are adding up to 2-3 properties a YEAR using the EXACT same strategies we reveal to you. If you’re an investor currently and looking to add more properties or even just starting out then you’ll learn A LOT from this module . We’ll show you with the correct structure which we’ll reveal how to add this amount of properties to your portfolio and still minimise your risk.


Positive Cashflow Properties 101

You’ll discover in this module how to seek out the positive cashflow property only and where to find them. YES they still exist and there is a lot out there if you know where to look.


How to renovate for massive profit

I’ll show you multiple properties that I have renovated and the profit made on each property and what exactly was done. I’ll also show you where to find the cheap renovation suppliers, how to get free help on your renovation projects plus the 3 areas to focus on to maximise your renovation profit.


Plus much much more!

This 15 hour course contains everything you need to start your journey in property. We cover all the basics Plus everything else to helping you become secure through property.

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Learn The A to Z of Property Investing
Alex Ryan’s Latest Course Reveals Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Property Investing Journey.

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Considered one of Australia’s Leading Business Marketers and also a Leading Property Entrepreneur and Investor. Having published over 10 books of Property and Business he has also been featured on national television and many other media

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